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Bcom Essay

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Brilliant Public Speaking

David Anders Ellefson II


September 28, 2014
Reinaldo Fernandez

Brilliant Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking or speaking in front of a group of people is a problem many people face. Whether in a small or large setting, many people struggle with public speaking. But there are many methods as to which you can help improve your public speaking skills and raise your confidence. Communicating in the workplace may require you to speak in a group setting so it is important to ...view middle of the document...

One thing I tend to do a lot is have something in my hands and play with them. It is things like this, which can cause distractions for your audience. Watching yourself perform helps you get visual aid as to what others see when you present to them.
There are many things someone can do to effectively deliver a speech. The first thing is to know your topic is do not go out on the stage or up in front of a group without knowing what you are talking about. One other thing that I find could be extremely is the preparation and rehearsal of your speech or presentation. Not only does this help you build confidence with your abilities, but it shows you where you need improvement. One last thing I would recommend someone is to watch the video titled Brilliant Public Speaking. There is a vast amount of knowledge there, and should be shared.

Brilliant public speaking is an important part of the communicative world we live in today. From element school on up, brilliant public speaking can be used to help persuade your audience. There are many practices discussed in the video, which are very relevant to me, some more than others. And there are many things we can do to effectively give a speech. Not everybody is the same. And one technique may not work for everybody.

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