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A Manager/Entrepreneur Identifies Opportunity To Make Profit


United International University

Project On:

Marketing Management

Sub. Code: MKT 3336


Submitted to:

Khandker Md. Nahin Mamun

Lecturer in Marketing

School of Business

Submitted by:

➢ Sadia Afrin 111 081 102
➢ Ishaq Ahmed 111 081 136
➢ Sufia Khatun Eva 111 081 150

Date of Submission: 23rd August, 2010

Letter of Transmittal

August 23, 2010
Khandker Md. Nahin Mamun
School of Business
United International University

Dear Sir:

Submission of report on ...view middle of the document...

We are also thankful to the entrepreneurs who help and suggest us to complete this report and their co-operation made our work easier.

Table of Contents




1.1 Objective 07

1.2 Scope 07

1.3 Limitation 07

1.4 Methodology 08

1.41 Types and Sources of Data 08

1.42 Analysis Plan 08


We make our report on the basis of how entrepreneur find opportunity to make profit. To do this report ,we take four interviews of four entrepreneurs. they are Md. Abu Sayem Sahin owner of Buriganga Filling Sattion, Md. Babul Hossain Owner of Star Sound Service, Md. Saber Ahmed owner of Imitation jewlarry $ commission agent and Md. Iqbal Ahmed owner of shop of bags & suitcase. We make some questioner for to do the interview. According to their answer, we find out that how they define their opportunity, the role of knowledge, the process of exploiting opportunity, their role on marketing & how they identify opportunity in international market.


This section provides analysis of gather from interviews of four entrepreneurs and also considers the nonverbal cues and experiences of phenomena. From that interview we are able to get information about their success in business, thematic cluster are induced from the interviews and finding are presented. So we can say that all those four entrepreneurs are focus to find the best opportunity to fulfil their objective. Finally findings are discussed in relation to the research objectives.

1.1 Objective:

I. To fulfil the course requirement of Marketing Management; MKT 3336
II. To explain and elaborate the concept Opportunity
III. To know how entrepreneurs/manager identifies opportunity
IV. To know about competitive advantage.
V. To find out the key word to be a successful entrepreneur.

1.2 Scope:

We want to see the strategies of entrepreneur/manager and reason behind of their success. From this interviews we are able to know about the utilization of time, resources, experience to do effective business in competitive market.

1.3 Limitations:

I. We can not access much more information because of time limitation.
II. Information could be biased
III. For biasness of entrepreneur, we are not able to get the proper information.

1.4 Methodology:

1.4.1 Types and source of data: All data are primary collected by taking interviews of entrepreneurs.

1.4.2 Analysis Plan: Participates discussed what opportunity is the role of knowledge in opportunity identification, the process of finding and exploiting opportunity, the role of marketing customer satisfaction and opportunity identification in international market. this topics are accordingly.


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