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Battling Over Bottled Water Essay

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Academic Year : 2015 - 2016 |

Introduction to Organizations and social responsibility

Battling over bottled water

Introduction to Organizations and social responsibility

Battling over bottled water

Analysing this case eventually boils down to identifying whether privatizing natural resources is legally, morally and ethically suitable. On the one hand, Nestlé’s purpose is to exploit water from different lakes in Michigan in order to achieve the company’s profit maximization by proceeding to its purification and thus, commercializing it ...view middle of the document...

According to Nozick’s theory, people are entitled to their holdings along as they have acquired them fairly. But the fairness of the acquirement is precisely what’s bothering us. According to the philosopher John Locke, individuals are morally entitled to the products of their labour; if mixing the work with natural world, they are entitled to the resulting product because of personal investment. It seems that in this case, Nestlé has added the water-purification so they would be entitled to revenues provided by the sale of the water. Thus, libertarians would say Nestlé is not committing any crime.
Nevertheless, libertarianism has two other characteristics that lead directly to its rejection. First, it focuses on the concept of the “Laissez-faire”. If, for example Nestlé is allowed to act the way they want, this means that all citizens will be completely hurt. Plus, Indian tribes will maybe one day face a lack of fish and thus will probably die because of a lack of food. Furthermore, an excessive pumping can lead to the drying up of lakes. Finally, both sides will be in a bad position: Nestlé, because no more water will be available and Indian tribes that will be confronted to a lack of fish. Secondly, Libertarians would find immoral and unjust to force people (here Indian tribes and citizens) to aid dying people. Indeed, this theory finds normal to totally let the choice to people. So, it means that if African children are dying because they have no water, then we are not obliged but barely encouraged to help them. It is not, of course, morally permissible. As a conclusion, it is not possible to simply use this theory.
However if we take into consideration the entitlement theory. This brings an aspect much more complicated. In fact, you are entitled to your holdings if you have acquired them without violating other people’s right. Concerning the case of the Indian tribes, it is maybe legitimate to consider the history. Indeed, they have been living there before Europeans came to America to conquer their land. Symbolically and historically, these lands are theirs. So they are entitled to theses territories and it is normal for them to do everything they want with it. Unfortunately, this point of view is a bit simple and only considering the historical perspectives is not the complete way to solve the problem. Nowadays, legally speaking, these lakes belong to the State.
This is the reason why it is undeniable that we should ask ourselves whether privatizing a natural resource is moral. Especially for the reason that water is the most vital element for the human body. In fact, you are not able to survive more than two days without H2O. The lack of this vital supply causes 1.7 million deaths per year around the world. Thereby, water must be...

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