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Battle Of Britain Essay

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Battle of Britain
Marie A Spicer
Professor Golding
May 18, 2013

The Battle of Britain was the longest and bloodiest battle to date lasting five years. The Battle of Britain was not fought by the army or sailors or marines but by the Air force it is also the largest aerial bombing to this day. Portsmouth, was one of the main targets; a few weeks later Luftwaffe started on RAF airfields and infrastructure. As the weeks went on there were other targets as well. Luftwaffe started zoning in on other places of interest using terror bombing strategy
Germany failed its plans to destroy inflight defenses, or get them to surrender. This ended the threat of Operation Sea Lion from coming into play.
May 1940, German had gained control of Belgium, and northern France and the Neverlands Hitler started to eye the ...view middle of the document...

This was because of the Radar system. British luck came as Luftwaffe didn’t use strategic bombing.
On September,15 84 planes were lost in total on both sides. Also, 1,733 German planes were lost, compared with only 915 British aircraft . On 17 September, Hitler postponed the British invasion.

For the Allies, all they wanted was to defeat Germany and be done.. Italy and Japan were never any worries unlike the European superpower they fought alongside. They had to destroy all they could of Hitler's Germany, if they wanted peace of any kind..
This result never came about, although people seem to push towards that idea once the” British Empire was joined by the USSR and the USA in 1941.” They really needed to take hold of resources they had tightly in the field and sky. This movement would cause uproar and couldn’t be taken lightly.
As far as some outcomes I think one of the most important would be that Germanys Hitler was able to be taken down, which is a victory in itself. Also if Hitler was to succeed he would own new territory causing even more chaos. Who knows what else would have happened if the war turned out different but I can only imagine it would have been bad for the world.
All in all this war was the worst and I hope everyone has learned by it, but it seems to me that war is inevitable as there is always greed and someone who wants to be in control of more than they need.
We are our worst enemies, we kill our own ad act like savages just for control and money, how sad is our race? If everyone would just except that we are all the same and there is no need for power and fortune over others just so you can rule we would live on a far better planet.


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