Battering Is A Sign Of Love

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Battering is a sign of love.
Anything can trigger aggression of husband, even little things such as wrong word, look as well as activity.
Psychologists come to help.
Such problem happens in every family at least once. The reason is very commonplace – a necessity to assert power and control over significant other, which is very typical for our men. Any trifle can trigger violence: a wife said, looked or did something wrong
Victims of domestic violence can call to hot lines in Moscow crisis center ANN ( Association against violence), where psychologists provide psychological aid and work out personal safety plan for victims.
Indeed, most of those who turned to helpline, desperate ...view middle of the document...

Legal, medical and social assistance. At any time - for free - women are encouraged to use the services of experts in our center. We have 4 psychologists who provide individual consulting, at Moscow council center there are two lawyers, who have undergone special trainings. We also have at our disposal a social worker, who not only accompanies a woman to the court, but also serves as a public defender and an expert on the issue of domestic violence. But at the same time, it is a woman who makes the decision how to live after.
Are all men the same?
Psychologists and councilors do not give ready-made recipes. Every story is unique, although they are typical. Only those understand who face rancorous, obsessive jealousy.
. Initially, ban as well as deprivation of freedom – are the article of the Criminal Code –commented Alexandra Kareva. It is a crime to hold down the person in any room. No one has the right to do so, even husbands.
To keep a woman by his side is least a batterer can do. Fractures of the ribs, legs, arms, head, jaw, nose, concussion, bruising all over the body - not a complete list of damages, which brought clients of ANN to the emergency stations after violence assaults of “significant other”. No matter how terrible signs of battery are, the most shocking case involved pianist and her husband. In one of the assaults husband calmly broke all her fingers, realizing how important fingers in the occupation of his wife. He was charged with trivial injury and convicted to suspended sentence by the court. And the victim was on the verge of suicide.
Crisis center employees distinguishes wives of policemen as a special group. Their "education" is conducted very fastidiously: strokes are inflicted professionally – involving the most painful places, however no traces remain. Try to prove that domestic assault took place. In fact, there is no one to prove. The husband has chaps everywhere and nobody would interfere in a family conflict
Unfortunately, official statistics on domestic violence in Russia does not exist. According to the Moscow center ANN, working about 11 years now, more 70% husband is a source of violence over a woman, 10-12% ex-husband ( not all women can move out from their husbands after the divorce and continue to live with him in the same apartment), about three percent - the violence of adult children in relation to the mother. Of course, the data is approximate. It is problematical to identify the true scale of violence. Not every victim is ready to admit such horrible things even to the psychologists. Those who do, are on the verge.
If you've married, just grin and bear it.
By the way, crisis center ANN cooperates with American, and they have the same problem with courts, police, prosecutors as well as domestic violence. Women are subject to the domestic assaults in USA and Europe almost at the same as in Russia. The only difference is the foreign protection system of women has reached high level....

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