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Batman Begins Essay

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Batman is a hero because he mastered his shadow and his persona.
Batman is really Bruce Wayne, a wealthy businessman who personifies himself as a playboy to the Gotham City elite. Bruce Wayne is not the playboy they think he is. He is a man who fell into a well where he was attacked by bats as a child. This is referring to Jung’s theory on primordial images in the collective unconscious. We as people are not taught to be afraid of the snakes or of the dark. It is an inheritance from our earliest ancestors which is embedded in us from birth. Jung states, “Man doesn’t have to learn these fears through experiences with snakes or the dark, although such experiences may reinforce or reaffirm ...view middle of the document...

He is given a hallucinogen to help him conquer his fear. In “Hero’s Journey,” this is his supernatural aid. Bruce passes Campbell’s first threshold when he fights Ducard and graduates into the League of Shadows. He is entering the unknown where he has no prior knowledge of his surrounding. Bruce is then told that he must bring down Gotham City. Refusing to be any part of it, he kills Ra’s and is taken back to Gotham by Ducard. This completes Campbell’s thought of the “belly of the whale,” where the hero leaves his current life as a follower and now begins to find his own individuality, thus being born again. Bruce is no longer the Bruce Wayne who joined The League of Shadows. He refused to become a monster and executioner. The old Bruce Wayne has died, and from the ashes of the temple in which he fought Ra’s al Ghul, Bruce Wayne, Batman, is now born.
Going back to Gotham, he comes across the model for the bat-mobile, bat suit, and the bat cave. This starts his road of trials as Batman. He, along with Alfred, perfected these models. He has found his symbol, the bat. This is Bruce now pulling his fear out of his collective unconscious. He uses the bat to strike fear into the hearts of the criminals of Gotham just as it struck fear into him. Bruce has now taken an interest in running his father’s company as a front to all that know him. He learned how to “fly.” He formed an alliance with Lieutenant Gordon, and he managed to nab Falcone in the process. He faced all of his trials, and now he would meet with his “goddess”, Rachel, his child hood friend. Meeting Rachel as Batman was the true beginning of his new found life.
Becoming Batman was not been the easiest step to take. He figures if he keeps up with the social scene, his identity as Batman will not be compromised. While his conscious is acknowledging this new social scene, his personal unconscious is battling the idea of being himself. When Bruce goes on with this persona of being this ultimate playboy, to a certain extent, his ego’s inflation allows him to start to believe that this is the life he is meant to have. While his ego suppresses the unconscious’s desire to save Gotham, Bruce begins to revert back to his fears. Here is where personal unconscious starts to come to head, and Bruce’s childhood fear comes back. This is the beginning of Campbell’s temptation where he is torn between giving up or staying on the path. At his birthday party in Wayne Manor, he learns that Ra’s al Ghul is really Ducard. At this time, Bruce allows himself to really be himself. He tells his guests how he really feels and is left to speak with Ducard/ Ra’s al Ghul by himself. He reverts back to the child scared of bats. Being left for dead in Wayne...

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