Basics And Perspectives Of Sports Marketing

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Basics and Perspectives of Sports Marketing
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1.1. Historical development The sport industry gained a lot of importance in the last few decades, the revenues of sport brands and sport organizations multiplied and the impact and influence on the society is still increasing. The fitness market is on a new high, large companies are investing in new technologies like dedicated fitness applications for mobile phones or “wearables”, wearable gadgets to track sport activities and improve the results. Nobody would nowadays deny the need of professional marketing and management in sports but it took a long time to achieve this status. Sport marketing arguably started to reach the general mainstream around the 1970’s with the rising media coverage of sport events allowing athletes to become idols and allowing viewers to establish a connection to them. The Olympic games in Montreal in 1976 led to a loss of 990 million CND, but with the rise of sports sponsoring in the following years, the Olympic games held in Sarajevo in 1984 resulted in 10 million USD profit, being the first summer Olympic games since 1932 which generated profit at all. Visionaries like David Stern, who became commissioner of the National Basketball Association in 1984, realized the potential of using marketing strategies in sports to reach a broader audience and to further professionalize the sport itself and made basketball the second most popular sport worldwide, right behind soccer. Professionalism is one of their key goals, mentioned in the official mission statement of the NBA: “The NBA’s mission is to be the most respected and successful sports league organization of the world.” This striving for professionalism is one of the causes and effects of the increasing marketing needs of modern sports. The evolution of sports marketing in the US can be divided in three periods: (1) The era of origins from 1820 to 1880, where people tried to market their own small-scale businesses with the help of newspaper and flyer advertisements. (2) The era of institutionalized development from 1880 to 1920, when companies started using similar approaches as in modern marketing. The market was analyzed and segmented, products were branded and some kind of marketing mix was implemented, laying emphasis on the height of the price, the distribution and more
advanced forms of promotion. Technical advancements led to a higher income and the more widely available railroad network allowed for new distribution channels. (3) The era of refinement and evolution from 1920 to 1990, where the marketing methods were refined mostly due to the rapidly advancing technologies. Dedicated sport channels in radio and TV, who were presenting the sport with even more information and live broadcasting, as well as sport journals helped reach a broader audience (Pitts/Stotlar. 2002).
The necessity of marketing in sports nowadays is beyond dispute. It is very important to adapt the outwards presentation to the needs of the customers as it is done on the traditional...

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