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Basic Sciences Essay

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“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. This axiom teaches that the most successful customer service is achieved when the customer’s needs are the chief priority. My highest goal is to provide the best customer service for patients. I care about people and believe it is my job to provide a service to them. It is this dedication and focus that has driven me to apply to the Master’s in Healthcare Management at UT Dallas, where I hope to obtain training and tools to help me better achieve my goal.
As a student at UT in Austin, I received a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology before continuing my education at UT MD Anderson in Houston. It was at MD Anderson, one of the largest and most renowned cancer hospitals in the ...view middle of the document...

While I graduated with a degree in Molecular Genetics, I also came away with a changed perspective on what it meant to work in a healthcare setting. I began to see through the eyes of my customer, the patient, and I hope to carry that perspective with me towards a leadership role in healthcare.
I have worked at UT Southwestern in the Transplant Immunology Clinical Lab since 2010. This has been a wonderful opportunity to learn how clinical laboratory services support physicians and their patients. I have been able to be a part of several operational projects aimed at improving our processes and making the lab run more efficiently. These projects helped me realize I could make a positive difference in patient care by better managing the resources of a clinical lab, from its personnel to its budget. While I am highly knowledgeable of the technical aspects of the clinical laboratory, I know that I will benefit greatly by receiving education in areas such as budgets, operations, and leadership. I also would like to learn more about the healthcare environment beyond my own scope of the clinical laboratory, including policies and regulations, which is why I am applying to the Master’s in Healthcare Management program.
I believe that UT Dallas can provide the education I am seeking, and I am very excited about the Healthcare Management program. The institution comes recommended to me by my colleagues, and the program allows for courses in the areas that I am seeking to improve. I am also encouraged by the online course offerings, as well as the close proximity of classes to where I live. I hope to use what I learn at UT Dallas alongside my current skills and knowledge to achieve my goal of providing better care to patients. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to the first semester.

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