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Basic Occupational Therapy Terms. Study Notes

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* chunks of daily activity that can be named in the lexicon of the culture
* typically self initiated
* become part of language of culture
* ordinary
* familiar
* recognisable

* up to an hr
* series of linked ,chained tasks

* 1-3mins
* Step for completing an activity
* 3-10mins
* One or more linked tasks

Activity Analysis:
* Breaks the activity down in a series of various levels and components
* Allows us to identify level of performance difficulty and where it is occurring.

-Personal = self care activities
-Instrumental eg. cooking, laundry

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= patterns of behavious that are observable, regular, repetitive and that provide structure to daily life

= are complicated mixes of skills which we do almost automatically

-refers to how we structure our day
-studies shown that WELLBEING is linked to our activity patterns over days and weeks
-experience of time can be individual, collective, subjective.
* Necessary needed for survival
* Contracted paid work, education, have explicit contracts which control time
* Committed assigned to by yourself, eg. volunteering
* Free time time left over from other activities leisure time
PRESS restrictions
AFFORDANCEopportunities, potentially perform


| SHOULDER: * Protraction * Refraction * Elevation -0- natural angle * Internal Rotation: move arm inwards to body * External rotation: arm moving outwards * Abduction: moving up of shoulders outwards * Adduction: bringing arms down to body to be by side ELBOW: * Flexion – bend at elbow * Extension – stretch outwards * Forearm pronation, palm down supination palm up WRIST: * Flexion * Extension * Radial Deviation tilt hand inwards, thumb side * Ulna Deviation tilt hand outwards from body, pinky side (Do both when waving, moving hand side to side) HAND: * Metacarpal-phalangeal joints (MCP) Flexion, bent at knuckles Extension, straight and stetched * Interphalangeal joints (IP) =top 2 joints Flexion Extension * Finger and thumb adduction: all close together, thumb in line with other fingers * Abduction: fingers separate and thumb up * Conjunct Rotation: moving thumb towards other finger pads thumb in centre of hand. * Dorsiflexion foot flexed upwards towards head, pad showing * Pronation lying on stomach * Supination lying on back * Preshaping of hand: Wrist extension, supination, pronation, radial deviation, thumb abduction, thumb and finger flexion, conjunct rotation, MCP & IP extension | Sensory Processing: AUDITORY: interpreting & localising sounds, discriminating between foreground and background VESTIBULAR: head position, balance and movement TACTILE: interpreting -light -touch -pressure -safety mechanism -temperature -pain -vibration VISUAL PROCESSING: interpreting Stimuli through eyes peripheral vision acuity and awareness of colour and pattern GUSTATORY: taste OLFACTORY: odour PROPRIOCEPTIVE: muscles, joints and organs give info about position of one body part in relation to another Perceptual Processing: * Stereognosis able to identify objects through proprioception, touch and cognition * Pain response noxious stimuli * Kinaesthesia able to identify the progress and direction of joint movement * Body...

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