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Basic Marketing Essay

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use the balanced information on customers' lifestyle to give south gloucestershire leisure trust (sgl) many leads on how it could attract more customers by putting on the correct activities to match the local community's needs.
identify the dominant segment in each postal code and produce marketing material specifically targeted at those segments
identify segments that are more likely to have children. sgl identified the geographic areas where the segments with children were more likely to live and develop a marketing campaign that demonstrates what is available to people under 16 as well as adults
the segmentation and the research also enabled sgl to indentify the fact that many people do not live alone as well as the type of people they are most likely to live with or near. this was used to develop marketing campaigns the target entire households
another good example is the work being done by sport ...view middle of the document...

gym facilities were then overlaid the areas
the results were impressive:
by highlighting where the people in these segments are more likely to live marketers could target their advertising money more effectively
the active people data already illustrates that young women participate in gyms. the segmentation provided information on what specific activities they might like to take part in within that context
each of the segments relate to different types of messages and responds to varying mediums. the promotional material was adapted to fit in with the segment profile in different parts of london. for example, in areas of london where there a high number of Leannes, and poster campaign might be more suitable. in other areas a newspaper campaign might be more suitable
david joy, director of derbyshire sport, believed that the segmentation model was very valuable. in his experience it was a powerful tool to help him calculate how likely it would be for an individual in the derbyshire region to take up participation in a sport or recreation. it would help derbyshire sport to understand how to present the recreation to them and what they might need to encourage them to take part. previously the planning of sports provision had been "hit and miss" but now he was certain it could help them assist people into incorporating recreation into their daily lives. in order to target a particular group they would now be able yo look at the social aspects of the sport and work out ways yo incorporate that into an individual's busy life. communication through the internet, mobile phones, newspapers or other media could be deployed
anne rippon, of sport england east midlands, noted that an enormous amount of research and hard work had gone into creating this valuable tool. each of the sporting market segments would provide her with information about their customers and what they wanted from sport and recreation. in the run up to the london 2012 olympics, the region was aiming to get 158850 adults involved in more sport and active recreation.

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