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Basic Fishery Ordinance Of The Municipality (Drafts)

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Series 2015


AUTHOR: HON. ____________________
CO-AUTHOR: HON. ____________________

Be it enacted by the Sangguniang Bayan, in regular session assembled, that;

SECTION 1. This ordinance shall be known as the BASIC FISHERY ORDINANCE OF THE MUNICIPALITY and shall be enforced in conjuction with the decrees, orders, rules and regulations on fishing and/or fisheries already promulgated or that may later be promulgated.

SECTION 2. DEFINITION OF TERMS - For purposes of this ordinance, the following terms shall mean as follows:

a. Municipal Waters - include not only streams, lakes ...view middle of the document...

d. Municipal and/ or small scale fishing - fishing utilizing boats or three
(3) gross tons or less, or using gears not requiring the use of boats.

e. Commercial Fishing - fishing beyond the Municipal Waters with a radius
of fifteen kilometers (15 kms.) from the shoreline with the use of fishing
boat more than three (3) gross tons.

f. Fishing with the use if fine meshed nets - means fishing with the use of
nets whose mesh size is less than three (3) centimeters when stretched
between two opposite knots.

g. Persons - include not only natural persons but also juridical such as
associations, partnership, cooperatives, or corporations.

h. Superlight - also called magic light, is a type of light using halogen or
metal hallide bulbs which maybe located above sea surfaced submerged on
the water. It consists of a ballast / regulator, electric cable and socket. The
source of energy comes from a generator, battery or dynamo coupled with
the main engine.

i. Fish and Fishery Aquatic Products - fish includes all fishes and other
aquatic animals such as crustaceans (crabs, pawns, shrimp, and lobsters),
mollusks (clam, mussels, scallops) oysters, snails, and other shell fishes.

j. Fish Coral or Baklad - a stationary wire or traps devised to intercept and
capture fish, consisting of rows or stakes bamboo mating or wire / netting
with one or more enclosures usually with easy entrance but difficult exit,
and with or without leaders to direct the fish to the catching chambers or

k. OTOSHI - AMI OR LAMBAKLAD - is an impounding net in the form of a
huge heart – shape compound, fixed and held in...

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