Based On The Descriptions In The Text, Where Do You See Yourself On The Kolb Inventory?

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Vietnam War Student Project
I. Introduction
Wars are fought for many reasons: to protect a nation's interests, to expand territory, to defend a country from an aggressive neighbor, to force one country to think or behave like another, to gain influence and political power. The reasons that a government has for going to war have a lot to do with how much support it gets from its people. If the general population strongly opposes a war, it is very difficult for a government to continue conducting it.

Australia became involved in a war in Vietnam because our leaders were determined to stop the spread of communism in southeast Asia. Vietnam is a long, narrow country located south of China and due west of the Philippine Islands. North Vietnam, which bordered communist China, became ...view middle of the document...

In April 1965, Australia dispatched its first troops to South Vietnam. When Harold Holt succeeded Menzies as Prime Minister in 1966, Holt committed additional troops to South Vietnam. By 1969 a majority of Australians wanted their troops brought home. Australia began withdrawing its troops from the war in 1970. In May 1970, the first moratorium marches were held in Australian cities in protest of the Vietnam War. When McMahon became Prime Minister in 1971, he announced a majority of Australian forces in South Vietnam would be withdrawn. Because of the type of war being fought, the unpopularity of the reasons for continuing the war, and the widespread belief that America should not be in Vietnam, the U.S. army was withdrawn in 1975. The Vietnam war was a controversial, divisive, and tragic period of Australian history, but one that should be studied and understood.

I. Identifying Topics

Use reference materials to identify at least ten topics of the list below and their importance/significance to Vietnam War that they made/played.

A. Vietnam war
B. Lyndon B. Johnson
C. Richard M. Nixon
D. The Battle of Binh Bah
E. The Battle of Coral/Balmoral
F. The Battle of Long Tan
G. Sir Robert Menzies
H. Ho Chi Minh
I. Viet Cong
J. Saigon
K. Hanoi
The Tet Offensive
· Finding Sources

Find five sources of information about your topic. You may include a person who fought in the Vietnam war as one of your sources. There are many encyclopedia references, library books, biographies, magazine articles, videos, websites, textbooks, and other materials available about the Vietnam War. You should have no difficulty locating enough sources of information to do this project.
General Requirements

A. Design a power point presentation one slide for each topic and email it to your teacher.

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