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Baseball Broken Down Into Numbers Essay

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Baseball Broken Down into Numbers

Baseball Numbers 1
Did you know that baseball was being played before the American Civil War? Baseball is one of America’s greatest pastimes. This sport is highly valued because unlike other sports it doesn’t require a specific height or weight. This is very rare to find in a sport because weight and height affect the whole game in other sports. Baseball has many great statistical aspects.
One of these great statistical aspects is batting average. A ...view middle of the document...

This decision can be the best decision or the worst decision for a pitcher. This decision is crucial for pitchers because it may determine if the pitchers team wins the game or not. Pitchers carry some of the greatest power and accurateness in sports.
Baseball Numbers 2
Clayton Kershaw (pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers) threw 232 strikeouts in his 33 games played last season. Out of all the pitches he threw 14% of them were strikeouts. As you can see this percentage may seem low, but in reality its quite high. If you think about it he struck out 232 batters in 33 games. 232 batters is a lot if you think about it especially if you think how many total pitches that took. Kershaw has won awards for his remarkable performances and continues to achieve amazing records.
Batting is well known by Matt Kemp. Matt Kemp is a centerfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has many accomplishments including player of the year which he earned in 2011. He also is known as the 11th fastest to join the 30/30 club and ended with 39 home runs that season. He has an amazing record and is always making himself known to the baseball world by performing at an extremely high level of play. He maintained a .324 batting average during the 2011 season. He clearly knows how the concept of batting works.
Batting average is very simple to calculate. You would divide the number of hits by the number of at bats and that would give you the batting average. For example if I were to have 20 hits and have 35 at bats my batting average would be .571. Of course this is nowhere near the major leagues numbers in at bats and hits, but still that would be the calculation to figure out a batting average. Batting averages show how well a player is at batting and clearly show whether you need practice or not.
Of course defense in baseball is crucial. Defense is key in baseball for having a well-rounded team. If you have a good defense, then the team will be eligible for more at bats. It would allow for the offense to strike and score runs. A strong defense in baseball is necessary for all teams to have because

Baseball Numbers 3
Without a defense the other team would score runs all day long. Defense in baseball has its own set of equations for players.
Fielding is an extremely important concept of defense in baseball. Fielding is important because if you don’t field the ball, then how do you expect to keep the other team from scoring? There is a fielding equation to represent how defensive players turn hit ball into outs. There are actually many equations to breaking defense down into numbers. Fielding average is calculated through this equation putouts+assists divided by putouts+assists+errors.This equation is the most popular...

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