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Basal Mass Essay

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The aim of this research is to find out how much energy is used by the human body to breathe , physical duties and also food digest absorption. This research will also enable one to know whether the energy is balanced or not. Also how much deficit energy is left in our body daily. How obesity or weight gain can be prevented with using expenditure to help predict energy balance. To be able to find out the results of energy balance the Douglas Bag Method would be applied.
The Douglas Bag method is very popular and broadly used to measure energy expenditure. It collects expired air and oxygen intake from the human body during physical activity. Babasaheb B. Desai (2000)

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The bag was then open by loosening the tap and allowing the vacuum pump to draw all the air out. Once all the air had been let out the bag had to be closed and the pump had to be switched off.
The pump had to be put back on to allow air to pass into a different empty bag. Gas tanks had to be used to transfer nitrogen into the machine. The gas needed to be slowly let out until the level reached 0.

Experiment One ( Participant On Bike)
The participants who took part in the experiment had to warm up for 60 seconds to get a fixed heart rate. Participant had to wear a nose clip and mouth piece which was attached to the Douglas bag. The participant had to exercise on the bike for 5 minutes and after 5 minutes the tap was closed and the subject had to stop exercising. By the end of the test volume formula of expired air was measured with a gas meter. Sevormex and Harvard were the gas meters used for the experiment. Both oxygen and carbon dioxide were measured for 1 minute. The surrounding air for oxygen was showing 20.7 and carbon dioxide was showing 0.18. Whereas expired oxygen contained 14.1 and expired carbon dioxide was 3.32. The Douglas Bag had to be put in an Harvard dry meter to find the volume of expired air.
Experiment Two (Participant At Rest)
The second experiment was carried out with the participant at rest. The participant had to be seated with the Douglas Mask on for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the oxygen and carbon dioxide were firstly examined using Servomex, the surrounding air for oxygen was 20.5 and carbon dioxide 0.20. Expired oxygen showed 15.2 and expired carbon dioxide also showed 2.20. The timing of the sample was 1 minute. The Harvard meter had to be used again.

The Activity Diary & Diet Plan 6 Method
In this section of testing I participated as the subject. To begin with, the BMR was firstly estimated. A 24 hour activity diary had to be carried out by the subject and also a 24 hour food consumption was also examined. The subject had written evidence of all activities that took place during the day and length of time for every single activities. The subject analysed the activity by the need of Physical Activity Level (PAL). The length of time of each activity was multiplied by Basal Metabolic rate (BMR) and the physical Activity Level of the participant.
To find out the 24 hours food consumption of the subject. The participant needs all details and account of all foods that had been consumed during the whole 24 hours. The food that was consumed during the day was all listed into the dietary software. The software programme diet plan 6 examines all nutrients consumed into the body. Its able to give all the food intakes and creates report and graph which gives analysis of food absorption.
Whiles calculating Rest Metabolic Rate there seemed to have been some related similarities to Basal Metabolic Rate. Basal Metabolic Rate is recognized for been measured under strict circumstances usually when a person is fully...

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