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Barriers To Effect To Hrm Essay

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CONTENT PAGEIntroduction 2HRM and its activities 2HRM in the present time 3Barriers to effective HRM 4First barrier to effective HRM 4Second barrier to effective HRM 5Third barrier to effective HRM 6Training and Development 7Motivating Employees 8Conclusion 9References 9IntroductionThe aim of my essay, I will try to discuss about definition of HRM, its responsibility, identify barriers which are resisting HRM people to perform well, and discuss critical issues about today's HRM.Many organizations have realized importance of HRM, and have been developing this section of the organizational structure, but there are many organizations, where top managers don't want to recognize the importance of ...view middle of the document...

In large organisations the role of the manager is to be largely responsible for the deployment and development of employees, a duty that can represent a substantial challenge and needs its own type of training. The manager needs to be trained in appraising staff, motivating individuals or teams in applying employment legislation correctly.The roles of the Human Resource Manager in different sized organisations differ a lot. A manager in a large business would be a trained specialist and would know how to motivate his staff a lot more effectively, as he can concentrate solely on his employees. Where as a manager in a smaller business has the equal amount of responsibility, but this will be added to the responsibility for marketing strategies, financial decisions, stock control and many other jobs to do, perhaps for fewer staff but none the less a complex range of roles to perform.They take human resource management to be that part of management concerned with: all the decisions, strategies, factors, principles, operations, practices, functions, activities and methods related to the management of people as employees in any type of organization (including small and micro enterprises and virtual organizations)HRM in the present timeThe economy is changing very fast in our days and growing in professional and services jobs, have made it very important for organizations to recruit and keep talented, professional, skilled employees. There are four forces increasing the importance of HRM in present time:1. challenge of the new economy2. challenge of global economy3. challenge of meeting stakeholders' needs4. high performance work system challengeThese challenges are causing market environment to be very competitive, therefore companies are required to play within these rules to survive, they need best staff in order to perform well.Barriers to effective HRMThe first barrier to effective HRMHuman resource management and its functions have been effected by some environment.Influencing aspects for HRM operations can be within an organization, such as top management, organizational strategy, technology, structure, culture, and size.It is usually top management who determines how critical human resource management will be in an organization. So, if top management decides to minimize the importance of employees to the organization's success, so will team leaders.In turn, as a consequence will be minimally effective HR management.Top managers may have a low priority and short term view of HRM issues while being more concerned with other issues such as power and control. This situation may lead to HRM s low power and status at the senior executive level.The culture influenced by the top managers represents the value of people in the organization. So we can say that culture may have an impact on HRM performance.Due to the cultural influence and the way they have been doing the business for centuries 'the culture' plays a major role.For instance, the core...

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