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Barriers To Critical Thinking Essay

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Barriers to Critical Thinking
Elissa Nava
Anthony De Vito

Barriers to Critical Thinking
I have recently been learning about Barriers that hinder Critical Thinking Skills. I believe that it is important to learn what might be impeding my ability to think critically if my goal is to improve those abilities. Two barriers that are keeping me from effective thinking critically are family and emotions.
My family have been critical thinking barriers in my life. I grew up in with a very conservative family that went to church several times a week. As a matter of fact, my father was the music pastor in church. I even went to school at the church. People did not ...view middle of the document...

It is important for me now to research on my own whatever I hear at church and not just accept it as truth because the pastor said it. I still ask my parents and family members for the opinion on issues and messages I her at church, but I couple that with my own reasoning and research.
My emotions are definitely critical thinking barriers for me. I am super sensitive and experience depression and anxiety. I would like to single out the anxiety I experience for the sake of this example. Anxiety hinders my ability to reason because I cannot focus on anything but my fears. There have been many times when I have felt under the weather, not even anything serious, but I immediately think I could be dying. This seems irrational, and it is, but in those moments for me it is very real. I was diagnosed with PTSD and I struggle with it at times. Some would say that is not an emotion, but I believe it is. I am learning to control it with the help of my faith, and a little Xanax. Concerning critical thinking, I can overcome this barrier by realizing that in a time of panic, I need to think reasonably and stay in the moment. I can recognize that it is my anxiety that is effecting me and center my thoughts.
The above mentioned barriers, family and emotions, are just two of the many barriers I am recognizing that are deterring my critical thinking capabilities. I believe that as I recognize more barriers, I can put strategies in place to help me overcome them all as I continue the journey to becoming a critical thinker.

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