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Barrick Case Essay

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Business Communications
Writing Assignment one: Barrick Gold and Mine

Course: 04-71-100-02
Instructor: Professor Ramsay
Student name: Jiaxiong Liang
Date submitted: 10/01/13/

Barrick Gold and Mine
This article is meant to points out the two main communication problems of the mining project and provide solutions using the communication model.

The two main communication problems are environmental worries from local residents and the injunctions from local government. If cannot be solved on time, they may cause severe resentment from local residents, huge loss of profit, decrease of stock price, or even disinvestment from investors.

The causes of these problems are various. For the first problem, using the wrong communication skills while communicating with local ...view middle of the document...

There are two main stakeholders of this case will be locals and local government. Local residents worry about the water pollution, which directly affect their health, while the government caring more about economic benefit.

By using communication model to solve the first problem, the senders must be a professional and the COO of Barrick. Because locals would likely to trust him according to their professional background and a COO is more convincing than a common officer. The COO needs to explain the measures of sewage treatment, following with brief analysis of a report from professional, indicate treated water is harmless. Hold a hearing to communicate with locals is wise. It shows respect to them, and publicity from scene media give them beliefs that Barrick is willing to solve this problem. While explaining, reporters should always stick tight to the topic---using the treated water do no harms to your health. By so, receivers know what you said meets their requisitions. After the hearing, Barrick should set up an apartment specialize in collecting suggestions or complaints from residents, which can reduce popular discontent. For problem from government, the sender should be CEO or an executive director, as the higher authority propagandist have the more respect the listener probably feel. And words from rankers is more powerful than commons. The main content of the speech could be: provide statistics of the ongoing water quality for the pass period; provide solutions of the belatedly feedback about their inspection report on the mining waste. It directly tells the receiver---your people will benefit from this project in an environmental friendly way. As the way to do so, a press conference will be perfect. Finally, same as the first stakeholder, liaison man is required in order to provide feedback to local government on time.

We must admit that complains will never disappear even though Barrick give up all possible benefits, so the only thing Barrick can do is to win the supports from majority people. I believe by using the appropriate communication skills Barrick can final reach their commercial objectives.

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