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Baroque Period Essay

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There were many differences in art between the Baroque Period and in the Renaissance era. The characteristics of the Baroque period included a feeling of movement, energy and tension. Another characteristic was time. Time was important to painters of the Baroque period. They saw time as a measurable component. Baroque art makes a direct appeal to the emotions of the viewer. On the other hand, the Renaissance era produced a more calm approach and used less emotion. There was sense of intellectual development.
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He looks somewhat withdrawn and self-contained which was a feature of Classical art. There seems to be no effort to communicate with the viewer. Even though it is a painful action it seems to have a calm, detached expression. There also seems to be a sheer view with no distractions around the sculpture. The Renaissance period included a style of grace and ease of manner.
In Gianlorenzo Bernini's David, the sculpture shows a sense of drama and tension. This marble sculpture is five foot and seven inches high. The sculpture seems to reinforce the impression of reality. A viewer can see that Bernini's David is engaged by seeing all of his muscles tensed, unlike Michelangelo’s calm and less engaged sculpture of David. This was typical of the Romantic attitude which displayed more emotion and movement than the Classical attitude. When viewing Bernini’s sculpture, a person can even see David’s foot gripping the base. The space surrounding Bernini's David seems to involve everyone who would be in the immediate area.
Bernini and Michelangelo embraced the human body in their artwork. Both artists had careers as religious sculptors. For both,...

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