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Bargaining Power Of Buyers Essay

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bargaining power of buyers - relatively low power for buyer, since oly few players in the market the buyer has less control over the products, the demand is more and the supply is less. Even now in most of the countries printing play a vital role in the education industry where the printed industry has its control over the buyer.

bargaining power of suppliers - moderate influence of suppliers, suppliers who provide the ...view middle of the document...

Rivalry within d industry - high degree of competition, every nation has several giants in printing industry either in media or the vice versa, hence to catch hold of the market share each player offer prices as low as possible by adopting several cost cutting methods and adopting several innovative methods. Hence innovation is in a continous drive in printing industry

threat of new entrants - relatively low, less small scale industry since huge investment is reqd, existing players are of king size,very attractive component for companies who can overcome the barriers because of the excellent stability presented but poses a significant problem for potential entrants.

threat of substitute products - there is a great threat from substitute products. Hence constant innovation is required. Tv, internet and ebook readers are the potential threats in the substitute product. These electronic gadgets has a wide acceptance as it is handy easily accessible and data can be changed at minimize which is a serious threat in terms of technology in printing industry.

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