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Banning Cigarette Smoking Essay

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ENG215-034 Research and Writing |
Banning Cigarette Smoking |

Christine Dominique

The question of whether or not the government should ban cigarette smoking has been up for a long time. Is cigarette smoking that bad for your health that they should warrant a ban? Yes. Is it questionably unfair? Depends. Should they, or will they change it? Probably not. A ban on cigarette smoking could go one of two ways: Successfully or go the way of the Prohibition. Forget the questions and what-if’s. We as Americans should lead the way in banning of cigarette smoking to start a chain which would slowly clean up the streets and move towards greater progress all around the ...view middle of the document...

..," Congress may ban home-grown drugs even where states approve its use. Just to emphasis again - Congress CAN ban drugs. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.
We live in a country where the right and responsibility to choose is protected. This is why I love this great country since I believe in each individual person’s right to make choices which affect only them, which is fair. As a person who does not like choices to be made for me, I choose to take my children to restaurants that are smoke free. I would never allow my children to suffer because of some else’s poor choices. I’ve known many people who have died because of cigarette smoking, from friends to close relatives. Even people who didn’t smoke, like my aunt, but was just near a person who smoked a lot eventually developed some problems. Those who tried to couldn’t even stop because of the nicotine addiction. Yes, it’s great that we get to choose whether or not to smoke a cigarette but look at how controlling it is. You can’t simply choose to stop once it gets a hold of you and a simple person can’t avoid the inevitable exposure to somebody else’s chose to smoke. Nicotine and other smokers are infringing on the rights of people around them. If nothing else, think about the children who won’t be able to escape unless a ban is put up.
The health arguments against smoking are well known. Smoking has been shown to be dangerous to health. Heart disease, bronchitis and lung cancer have all been linked to smoking. Another one of the dangers of smoking is that...

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