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Banksy Essay

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Jennifer Olvera 1
Seminar in Art History Aesthetics
October 8, 2013
Research Proposal

From what we know now graffiti can be said to have dated as far back as
ancient history. From the existence of the first prehistoric cave paintings to the
Egyptian hieroglyphics, an identity to the way of living that existed in those
periods of time was discovered. Now in the modern era the artistic form of graffiti
has changed its style once more. In the late 1980s and early 1990s ...view middle of the document...

The power
withheld by the government and its policies is set to under estimate society by
using that power to gain control over humanity. Banksy has uncovered those key
factors most obvious to the eye, and has labeled it as surveillance culture. He
describes the government as being that eye on our backs constantly evaluating all
values. This is where recent studies have halted leaving many unanswered
Focusing on London’s art community of Bristol, the notion is when
exactly is graffiti art considered to be a form of fine art? The other notion is when
exactly is it just considered street art with no purpose? Social media and politicians
have long since established that answer to both questions with one answer, and that
is simply just vandalism. The government along with most of society agrees on
what is acceptable and what is considered distasteful. So my main question is what
exactly is the difference between the norms of street art and fine art? Why both are
criticized differently when after all they are all forms of artistic expression.
In order to answer these questions key important factors need to be
examined thoroughly in order to understand where the art of Banksy challenges
this authority. We must look at the relationship between location and behavior such
as space and place. The other factors rely on questioning when exactly art becomes
political as opposed to aesthetic. This research will hopefully fill the gap to any
misunderstanding on how Banksy’s art is viewed socially, economically, and
aesthetically. After examining these categories upon Banksy’s work we might be
able to distinguish why both street art and fine art are separately criticized
differently. This method will mostly consist of extensive research into...

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