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Banking System Of Bangladesh Essay

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Banking system of Bangladesh

Central bank:
* Bangladesh bank
Schedule bank:
State-owned commercial banks:
State-owned are functioning as nationalist. Here is the list -
1. Sonali Bank Limited
2. Janata Bank Limited
3. Agrani Bank Limited
4. Rupali Bank Limited
Private commercial banks(PCB):
* Conventional private bank
1. AB Bank Limited
2. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited
3. Bank Asia Limited
4. BRAC Bank Limited
5. Dhaka Bank Limited
6. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited
7. Eastern Bank Limited
8. IFIC Bank Limited
9. Jamuna Bank Limited
10. Meghna Bank Limited
11. Mercantile Bank Limited
12. Midland Bank Limited
13. Modhumoti Bank Limited
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BASIC Bank Limited
3. Bangladesh Krishi Bank
4. Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank
5. Karmasangsthan Bank
6. Probashi Kallyan Bank
7. Palli Sanchay Bank
8. Grameen Bank
9. Ansar-VDP Unnayan Bank
10. Bangladesh Samabaya Bank Ltd
11. The Dhaka Mercantile co-operative Bank Ltd
12. Progoti Co-operative Land Development Bank Limited (Progoti Bank)
Non schedule bank:
1.Ansar VDP Unnayan bank
2.karmashangosthan bank
3.probashi kollyan bank
4.jubilee bank
Non-banking financial institutions
1. Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB)
2. Uttara Finance and Investments Limited
3. United Leasing Company Limited
4. Union Capital Limited
5. The UAE-Bangladesh Investment Company Limited
6. Saudi-Bangladesh Industrial & Agricultural Investment Company Limited (SABINCO)
7. Reliance Finance Limited
8. Prime Finance & Investment Limited
9. Premier Leasing & Finance Limited
10. Phoenix Finance and Investments Limited
11. People's Leasing and Financial Services Limited
12. National Housing...

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