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Banking Service And Customer Satisfaction Essay

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Khalid Al-Sulaiti Abdullah Al-Khulaifi Fawzi AI-Khatib
College of Business and Economics Qatar University

The main objectives of this study are to evaluate bank customer expectations of service quality and to assess whether bank services provided by these institutions are satisfactory to Qatari customers. The study also examines empirically the determinants of the buying behavior of bank customers in Qatar. A questionnaire for such purpose was designed and different statistical methods were applied. The policy implications to be derived from such statistical findings is that bank's management ...view middle of the document...

They need to create and maintain good banking relationships. Attention has now turned to improving the quality of service encounter, when customers enter the bank and come into face-to-face contact with bank staff [2], [3]. 1.2 The Main Objectives of this Study The main objectives of this study are to evaluate bank customers expectations of service quality; assess whether bank services provided by commercial banking institutions are satisfactory to the Qatari customers, and examine empirically the determinants of the buying behaviors of bank customers in Qatar i.e. * Find out the reasons why customers utilize specific bank services and not others. * Provide evidence supporting behavioral determinants of why certain types of customer go shopping at certain specific banks and not others. 1.3 The Main Hypotheses The main hypotheses of this research are: - 131 -

- Bank services provided by commercial institutions in Qatar are satisfactory. - Bank services meet their expectations of service quality in this sector. - There are no gaps existing between customer's perceptions and expectations. 1.4 The Importance of the Study There have been huge changes in people's tastes, interests and aspirations in the last twenty years. Society moved from fixed and inherited values to new discovered values. Customer values, beliefs, customs and behavior are constantly changing and banks in the Arabian Gulf are operating in an environment characterized by increased customer awareness and expectations of quality and sophistication of delivery systems resulting from technological advances. Customers are becoming more critical and selective of the quality of service. [4]. The importance of the study comes from the fact that it is one among few, if not the only one to discuss these issues. This research includes a comprehensive questionnaire, and in depth and detailed statistical analysis of the data from the questionnaire enriched the discussions and strengthened the conclusion that depends on simple interpretation of the data.

1.5 Methodology As stated earlier, the main focus of the study is to investigate the issue of banking services and customer's satisfaction in Qatar. Following this introductory section, section 2 will examine the evolution of banking system in Qatar with special emphasis on commercial banking. Section 3 will present a conceptual framework and review the literature and examine different approaches related to this subject. For this purpose, a questionnaire is designed and the empirical investigation is presented in section 4. The statistical findings are analyzed in section 5. The study ends with summary, recommendations and policy implications. This will be done in section 6 where recommendations are - 132 -

provided for decision makers in Qatar. About 500 questionnaires were distributed to customers in different branches of different banks. About 300 were finally selected. A pilot study has been conducted. About 15 questionnaires were...

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