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Bank Of Tokyo Mitsubishi Ufj, Ltd Essay

4696 words - 19 pages

- History of Japanese Economy
- Japanese Financial & Banking System
- Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

- Structure
- Rating
- Capital
- Competition
- Services

- Asset Management
- Liability Management
- Risk Management
- Other Developments (Social Responsibilities)

REPORTS ANALYSIS………………………………..35
- Financial Sheets
- Financial Ratios

- Forecasted Financial Sheets



A) History of Japanese Economy
The Japanese economy is the 3rd largest economy in the world, coming right behind ...view middle of the document...

In order for the government to support industrialization, it decided to help private businesses in the allocation of resources process while stabilizing public growth at the same time. However, the biggest duty of the government was to help in providing the suitable economic conditions for businesses to grow and improve. The government, for instance, have built factories and shipyards that were afterwards sold to entrepreneurs at lower value prices, and many of these grew rapidly and helped the economy rise. The Japanese nominal wage rate was 10 times less than it is in America during this period, and this is considered as a strong statistical evidence from back then that shows how the Japanese economy expanded quickly.
The postwar period started in 1945 until present. Between 1960 and 1980 within this period of time, the real economic growth has been called a “miracle” as it increased by an average of 20%, and by the late 80s, Japan has moved from being a low-wage economy to a high-wage economy. But in the late 1990s growth slowed due to the Bank of Japan’s failure to cut down interest rates quick enough to oppose the over-investment during the late 1980s. Japan therefore entered a liquidity trap and suffered huge budget deficits. By 1998, Japan still couldn’t stimulate demand to end the stagnation economic situation, and out of desperation, the Japanese government carried out “structure reform” policies with a purpose of squeezing speculative behavior from stock and real estate markets.
Unfortunately, this step has lead Japan into a deflation economic situation between 1999 and 2004. Japan also used another technique called “quantitative easing”, which is increasing money supply from the Central Bank of Japan to raise the public expectation of inflation domestically, and by late 2005, the economy lastly sustained recovery. However, all efforts to counter price deflation failed.
Below is a table showing the change in the Japanese GDP, USD exchange, inflation index, nominal per capita GDP, and the PPP capita GDP:

B) Japanese Financial & Banking System

The Financial Services Agency (FSA) serves as a regulatory authority of financial institutions in Japan. In the past, the Ministry of Finance used to hold the control and regulation bank supervision and inspection, but the Ministry of Finance has no regulatory authority over financial institutions nowadays. The FSA has the right to demand reports regarding the financial conditions of a bank, to inspect bank premises, to punish bad behavior (by suspending operations and license) and to order a holding of assets within Japan.
The Financial Services Agency (FSA) has been engaged in an initiative to advance the quality of financial regulation “Better Regulation” since the summer of 2007. Since then, the international financial market chaos started by the U.S. subprime mortgage problem which developed into a world-wide financial crisis, in particular, following the fall down of a major...

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