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Bank Account Opening Information System Essay

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Information Systems Description Assignment
Business Information Systems 100
School of Information Systems
Curtin University
23/7/12 • v4.0

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General Description
2. External Description
3. External View
4. Internal Description
5. Internal View
6. Further Notes
7. References
1. General Description of the Information System

Bank Account Opening Information System (BAOIS)

General Description - Overall Function / Purpose
Bank Account Opening Information System (BAOIS) is the information system (IS) used to accumulate information, process it and store all the relevant information into the database in the bank. BAOIS also provides computerised and non-computerised information processors and stores in which how the system functions is to capture inserted information as input, processes this information, and generates it into output which is Automatic Teller Machine (ATM).

Users (or Other Information Systems) and Functions / Uses
● Customer (Local): Customer need to provide relevant documents in order to request for a bank account in which passbook and ATM card will be received by the customer as an outputs.

● Customer (Foreigner): Customer provides relevant documents to request for opening a bank account which passbook and ATM card will be received by the customer as an outputs.

● Customer (Cooperate): Organisation have to provide relevant document to request for a bank account in which passbook and ATM card will be received by the organisation which also called as a corporate bank account.

● Pin-Entry Access Gadget: The Secure PIN-Entry Device captures a 6-digit personal identification number (PIN) that the customer themselves input onto a keypad.

● Automated Signatory Device: The Electronic Signature System captures the customers digital signature which the customers themselves input by signing on a digital pad.

United Overseas Bank (UOB), The Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited Bank (OCBC), Post Office Savings Bank (POSB), and The Development Bank of Singapore Limited (DBS)
are examples of Singapore’s local banks that implement Bank Account Opening Information System (BAOIS). These banks use the BAOIS to collect information, and process the relevant details of the customer and therefore store information pertaining to customers who are going to request for a bank account. Customer will provide the bank with information which will be converted internally to produce output in the form of bank book and ATM card.

2. External Description of the Information System


Customer (Local): Customer will provide details such as Full Name, Gender, Local Contactable Details (E-mails, Phone Number), Date of birth, Identity Card Number, and Residential Address.

Customer (Foreign): Customer will provide details such as Name, Gender, Contactable Details (Local or International), Nationality, Date of birth, Passport number, Passport Expiry Date, and Residential Address (Local or International).

Cooperation: Customer that represents the organisation has to bring all the relevant documents according to the...

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