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Bangladesh Capital Market Essay

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Bangladesh Capital Market

Brief History of Capital Market:
• Concepts started in USA at Wall Street in 1653.
• It came to South Asia in 1890.
• The origin of Stock Market in Bangladesh goes back to 28th April 1954 named East Pakistan Stock Exchange association at Narayangonj. Later it was s renamed East Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd and Trading was started in 1956.
History of Bangladesh Capital Market:
• East Pakistan Stock Exchange transferred in Dhaka in 1958.
• In 1964 it was renamed as Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd.
• In 1976 Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd started its operation with a bit different version.
• Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) was ...view middle of the document...

It is a market where money is lent for periods longer than a year. Capital market includes the stock market & the bond market. Our main regulator is Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) oversees the capital markets in their designated countries to ensure that investors are protected against fraud.
Capital markets consist of the primary market and the secondary market. The primary markets are where new stocks and bonds are issued and sold (underwriting) to investors. And the Secondary markets are where existing securities are sold and bought from one investor or speculator to another, usually on exchange.
At present Bangladesh have two stock exchanges:
1. Dhaka Stock Exchange.(Number of Registered Trading Members/Brokers is 195)
2. Chittagong Stock Exchange.(Number of Registered Trading Members/Brokers is 124)
Bangladesh capital market is growing day by day, now there are two exchanges with 276 companies, 17 mutual funds, 8 debentures and 112 bonds. The market capitalization of Dhaka Stock Exchanges is BDT 104700 million and the market Capitalization of Chittagong Stock Exchange is BDT 800000 million. The average turnover of both exchanges is now around BDT 5000 million per day.
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