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Bangladesh Bank Essay

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Executive Summary
This research report is a partial requirement of the internship phase of MBA program, department of HRM, Eastern UniversityBangladesh. The topic of the report is “Human Resource Management Practices in Pubali bank Ltd”. Human resources management is very much important for every business organization. Human Resources may be the most misunderstood of all corporate departments, but it’s also the most necessary. Those who work in Human Resources are not only responsible for hiring and firing; they also handle contacting job references and administering employee benefits.
Human resource management is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees, ...view middle of the document...

Actually these departments do that work. This department of the
Organization works with the employee and the staff and worker. This department deals with their job planning and design, recruitment, selection, measure their job performance and target their compensation
1.1 Objective of the study
The major objective of the study is
To comply with the entire branch banking procedures.
To make a bridge between the theories and practical procedures of banking day to day operations.
To understand the terms that has been taught in the Human resource department
To analyze the HRM practice of Pubali Bank Limited .
To identify the problem of HRM practice in pubali bank
To recommend some suggestion to solve the identified problem
The report is a prepared as pert of practical orientation of MBA program a description of all activities done by Pubali Bank, Principal Office. The report is lively narration of various banking activities like General Banking, loans and advance management and foreign trade financing and other ancillary services.
1.2 Significance of the study
Federal and state laws have placed many new requirements concerning hiring and employment practices on employers. Jobs have also changed. They have become more technical and require employees with greater skills. Furthermore, job boundaries are becoming blurred. In the past, a worker performed a job in a specific department; working on particular job tasks with others who did similar jobs. Today’s workers are just as likely, however, to find them working on project teams with various people from across the organization. Others may do the majority of their work at home –and rarely see any of their coworkers. And, of course, global competition has increased the importance of organizations improving the productivity of their work force. This has resulted in the need for HRM specialists trained in psychology, sociology, organization and work design, and law. Federal legislation requires organizations to hire the best-qualified candidate without regard to race, religion, color, sex, disability, or national origin—and someone has to ensure that this is done. Employees need to be trained to function effectively within the organization—and again, someone has to Oversee this. Furthermore, once hired and trained, the...

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