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Banana As A Natural Remedy Essay

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This natural food generally known as banana is highly nutritious for man, animals such as monkies, and other domestic animals. It can be eaten alone or served with other meals, such as rice, beans, yam and vegetables. Banana is very medicinal to the body system because it contains vitamins and minerals which are essential to the body. They include:
VITAMIN A :It is important in the maintenance of the mucous membrane and promotes bright sight.
VITAMIN B COMPLEX: It is required for growth, formation of blood, strength, digestion, appetite tonic ...view middle of the document...

VITAMIN G: The digestion system, blood circulation and blood formation function properly through the help of this vitamin.
POTASSIUM: This is the food for the muscles, nerves, brain and source of intelligence.
ALUMINIUM: It protects the glands.
SODIUM CHLORIDE: It protects the body and gives the required strength in time of hard period.
NATURAL SALT: Any form of salt except natural or fruit salt is dangerous to health because, Salt promotes diabetes and hypertension. Natural salt aids digestion, formation and cleaning of blood, muscles and bones.
CALCIUM & MAGNESSIUM: Calcium protects the bones, teeth nerves and muscles while magnesium promotes growth and normal respiration. Calcium and magnesium known as dolomite enable the heart to function properly.
PHOSPHORUS: it helps in the formation of the bones.
SELENIUM: it prevents cancer. Selenium and Vitamins E combined have proven to neutralize cancer- causing free radical cells.
Banana also contains some medicinal properties for the treatment of ulcer, constipation, diarrhea and other diseases of the stomach and intestine. Banana can lower high blood pressure. Make sure you add one to two fingers of banana to your meals every day, to avert some of the avoidable diseases.
Expect more in our next edition!
Culled from “The Nature,” volume 8

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