Balanced Scorecard Essay

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Module: Supply Chain Management

Exercise: Balanced Scorecard

Session 4: Supply Chain Performance Management

Instructor: Perry Davidson

Candidate: Meg (Hongman) Liang

Date: Oct 7th, 2013

1. State your organization’s supply chain strategy, e.g., “to provide customerwith high level of service while contributing to corporate profitability.”
The company’s supply chain strategy is “to meet customer needs and advance our technology leadership while creating value for our customers at large. “
2. Provide one or two goals for each of the four balanced scorecard categories (customer, financial, internal, learning and growth.)

to meet customer needs and advance ...view middle of the document...

5 hour | quarterly | Customer Services |
| | to reduce time to resolve the issue tickets | Percentage of decreasing comparing with current standard | Level 1: 40%Level 2: 50%Level 3: 50% | quarterly | Customer Services |
Internal process | develop dynamic environment possible | to contact a staff survey of dynamic environment quarterly. | scores | Positive scores (4 or 5) | quarterly | HR |
| | to guarantee most of staff members response it. | Percentage of response | 80% | quarterly | HR |
| Operate IFS(Integrated Finance System) in efficient and effective way | to conduct serial training and guarantee most of staff members trained and aware how to use it and benefit from it. | Percentage of training records | 95% | yearly | Financial & HR |
| | to contact an IFS user survey quarterly and increase the users satisfaction survey rating | Percentage of increasing comparing with last quarter | 5% | quarterly | Financial & HR |
Learning & Growth |...

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