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Balanced Score Essay

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Strategic Plan, Part III: Balanced Scorecard

Strategic Plan, Part III: Balanced Scorecard

Financial Scorecard

Objectives | Measures | Targets | Initiatives |
Competitive Position | Prices are calculated to be competitive with other Blueprint services in the CSRA | The company should be in a position to offer competitive rates and remain profitable. | This goal can be achieved by lowering all of our overhead cost. |
Profitability | Return on equity | Our company is looking for long-term profitability for a life time rather than profitability on a single transaction | This goal can be achieved by measuring our profit margins to ensure our organization is profitable. |
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Customers are loyal to businesses that treat them as customers and not a dollar sign. In doing research such as SWOTT analysis and balanced scorecards, I have found that there are more equations that go into staring a business.
The financial aspect of an organization is arguably the most important subject when contemplating starting a business. In doing my balanced scorecard, I have learned that I don’t have a strong financial plan in starting Morris Blueprint. In most cases, when applying for a business loan a strong financial plan is a strong indicator of a well thought out business. In my head Morris Blueprint seems like a good idea, but when put on paper, I have noticed a lot of flaws.
Customer value is important within our organization. I believe if Morris Blueprint ever became a reality our business would be known for how we treat our clients and customers. I believe this would have to be our strongest advantage over our competitors. When reviewing our scorecard I believe in settling disputes in a timely and professional manner would improve customer loyalty. Utilizing the newest technology would help our organization process customer request fairly easier than our competitors. The only downfall in this matter which is outlined in our SWOTT analysis is that this can be proving to be expensive.
Internally, in order to treat our customers well we must maintain a healthy working environment for our employees. It can be said that if our employees are happy so will our customers. When reviewing the ins and outs of this organization I believe it would beneficial to...

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