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Balance Between Work And Life Essay

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Project Part 2

Work/life balance is an ongoing conflict between employers and employees, and one that does not have clearly defined lines. In order for both the employer and the employee to achieve an appropriate work/life balance, there has to be both give and take. It is just as much the employer’s responsibility as it is the employee’s responsibility. In order for there to be a solution that satisfies all parties, there must be open and effective communication on both sides. Both sides must also have a clear goal of what they want from one another. Especially in an employer situation, you must understand that it is not you against the employer, but rather to view you and the employer ...view middle of the document...

For effective resolution of such issues, it is important to use positive techniques such as problem solving, confirmation, and perspective taking. (Johnson, 2009). This will not only allow the employer to understand the employee’s struggle, but also allow the employee to understand the employer’s dilemma. By using positive strategies, more ideas can be shared and explored. According to researcher David Goleman, if handled poorly, conflicts can break the bonds of the group and lead to bigger issues. (Goleman, 2013). By using positive conflict resolution techniques, not only will the group develop stronger ideas, but they will also strengthen their bond while doing so. This is so important in an employer-employee relationship, as one will work more effectively if they can trust that their employer is looking out for their best interest. By keeping an open mind and not seeing the negotiations as a winner gets all situation, each party is more likely to be happier with the outcome. In addition to proper conflict management techniques, good leadership is essential as well. A good leader is going to recognize...

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