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Executive Summary

BAL is considering options for e-procurement and trying to decide if they need to find a new system that they can integrate with their current legacy ERP and other software. The following report will present an approach to continue with incremental changes to their current strategy. The organization has achieved much in a short period of time and I expect they ...view middle of the document...

There are multiple systems in place for different divisions of the company where data needs to be shared and fed into the ERP and or other legacy systems. These legacy systems and the ERP are essential to the company.
The business is very complex with complex parts being purchased that have stringent import and export requirements because of their sensitive nature with relation to aviation and security. BAL needs a procurement system that works and is specifically tailored to their needs; the legacy systems likely have to remain intact.
Upgrading the procurement platform is a major undertaking. The procurement platform could include the entire ERP system and that includes more than just procurement, it is everything related to inventory financial data and work orders. Sometimes a software implementation can take years. . The finical impact of this could be millions of dollars and would require considerable resources from within the company to participate in training, development, and implementation.

Alternatives and Options

BAL needs a system that offers them the current advantages that their ERP has so integration with a new e-procurement system would be key in order to utilize the legacy systems. Finding software that integrates with their current systems would be ideal however the costs must be weighed. The finical impact would be substantial, a full assessment of the cost and time it would take to implement would be very important to the decision.
Another option for BAL is to work with what they currently use and develop or upgrade their current software packages to integrate better and offer more solutions that will help them reach their objectives. This option also requires process improvement for procurement. Reviewing the current practices to eliminate steps and increase the efficiency of the procurement processes is required to achieve substantial gains.

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