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Bae Case Study

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SWOT Analysis
The New Denver Airport represents a model airport of the future. It was also planned to be the second largest hub, having huge local commitment and it was financed by a lot of different sources.
The baggage handling system is unique being integrated and automated. The BAE automated systems had enjoyed the reputation of being among the best and on the strength of its good work has been responsible for most of the major baggage systems recently installed in the United States.
The baggage handling system has poor scheduling, new and untested technology, complexity of the system and changing requirements, highly visible mechanical problems, does not ...view middle of the document...

The Mayor of Denver put a very high emphasis on jobs and trade for the city. Denver’s geographic location and the growing size of its population and commerce made it an attractive location for airline hubbing operations. There was a growth on the determination of the “ pro New Airport”.
There were a number of threats which are the following: expensive for the airlines due to delays; economic free-fall in 1987, airlines are likely to limit operations below the level for which the airport was designed – fewer flights and passengers increase the cost per passenger thus encouraging airlines to route connecting traffic through alternative and competitive hubs; the new mayor who was elected inherited the project with no commitment to it by the major airlines; City of Denver invited reporters to observe the first test of the baggage system without notifying BAE.
Alternative Courses of Action
The alternative courses of action are:
1. Denver Airport considering automated baggage system should start out by assessing their design and performance of these devices cautiously and far in advance of their use.

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