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Badminton, One Of Light Weighted Sport Essay

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Badminton, One of Light-Weighted Sport

As a professional or an ordinary player of badminton, are you aware of the equipments and facilities you engaged with? Why they are made up of these materials? Now, let’s find out.
The racket, simple in appearance, has many detailed lightweight materials hat make up the final product. The head is the stringed portion of the racket which nowadays, almost all of the strings used are synthetic. Synthetic nylon with tiny filament strings is the most widely used since they are thin, light and cheap to produce but strong and long lasting.
The end is the grip of it which also the surface of holding the racket. Grips can be made from different components. Some of the choices are PU synthetic grips or toweling grips. Toweling grips are ...view middle of the document...

Badminton game without shuttlecock can’t be played. Shuttlecocks are usually made out of synthetic nylon and come in a variety of speeds to suit players of different ability levels. Also, plastic shuttlecocks are available with cheaper price than those made of nylons and are ideal for those new to the sport. Nets, also, may be made out of nylon, vinyl and other natural and synthetic (polythene) cords.
Playing this sport with appropriate attires will be more beneficial since player will be more efficient. Sports clothes are mostly made up of nylons for its elasticity and resistant textile fiber. It is preferred by athletes for reasons. It is not attacked by moths, does not require ironing and dries quickly, can keep cool during exercise, breathable, lightweight and moisture-wicking that allow sweat to quickly evaporate through clothing, which assists body's natural cooling process.
Shoes used in this activity differ in other sports. Badminton shoes are lightweight with soles of rubber or similar high-grip, non-marking materials so they do not slow the player down as he or she moves around the court. The soles are thin and must be constructed from a non-marking material so they do not damage the surface of the badminton court.
Last but not the least, the surface of the court is provided with a double layer rubber grain pad. Protected with elastic synthetic resin evolution surface has no flint aggregates and also provides extreme durability and resistance to weather changes. This will also reduce the risk of joint fracture and to provide the surface for easy movement.

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