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Badminton Essay

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(Badminton World Federation Portal)

Group: BM 201
Lecturer: Mr. Lai Kim Piew

1 | Tay Teck Wee | 1101107427 |
2 | Muhammad Muaz | 1102701899 |
3 | Yu Kay Vin | 1102701064 |
4 | Ng Yean Shen | 1091101221 |
5 | Tan Yi Lin | 1102701471 |


Executive Summary……………………………………………………. …… 3
Current Marketing Situation………………………………………………… 4

Objective of Promotional Plan………………………………………………. 5

Marketing Strategy…………………………………………………………. 6

Promotion Strategy………………………………………………………… 7-14

Budgeting………………………………………………………………….. 15

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Thus, we make MBA to be successful and consumers develop themselves at the same time.


Malacca Badminton Association (MBA) is service-based society to provide services to those athletes who are love sports such as badminton. In term of their SWOT analysis, their strength is that they provide variety of brands choices of badminton products to consumers such as Yonex, ProAce, and Fleet. Their products are mainly badminton products including badminton shoes, sporty socks, rackets, racket bags, shuttlecocks and more. As for their service, they provide badminton courts to enable badminton lovers to play with their friends. Another aspect is that the prices of their products and services are more affordable to everyone especially to those students that does not have money income. Furthermore, they also provide umpire training to those who are interested to become umpire. However, they still have weakness is that there are less people interested to join umpire lesson. But, they have their opportunities to change their situation is to promote and attract more people to join umpire lesson and badminton training. However, their threats are those sport products retailers and badminton training centre.


The promotional plan is an outline of the marketing strategy, resources and tools that company use to promote their product or service. These are few factors that contain in promotional plan but we will explain further later on. The objective of the promotional plan, as we refer to the definition, of course is to promote the product or services to let consumers know about the product or services information. Hence, a good promotional plan is vital in order to create awareness of consumers and make them interested in their product or services. A good promotional can help MBA to create their association image and reputation. The power of word of mouth of consumers is godly and unstoppable. When they experience good services with MBA, they will indirectly become our free promoter that they will share their experience with their friends. Hence, more consumers will come and purchases the product and services. Vice and versa, the company will never have consumers to visit and their business will fail. Besides, a good promotional plan can make MBA clearly know consumers who actually they targeting. They also can manage their inventory and clear their stocks easier and effective, and they gain sales too.


Their services contains 4 marketing strategy which are product, prices, places, promotion. From the product and services aspect, they are selling sport products that related to badminton, such as badminton sport shoes, rackets, racket bags, shuttlecocks. As for badminton sport shoes, the bottom of the shoes are made by raw rubber. It enables shoes to prevent slipping, cushioning, and most important leg protection. They also provide the badminton courts to enable badminton...

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