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Bad Practices Essay

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Bad Practices
I wish I could say yes to this question. The sad truth is that I don’t have a big choice of retailers for the amount of money that I make. Sadly, one of the biggest retailers that I shop at is Walmart. From the lesson presentation, I was completely horrified at how much of the products that are produced for Walmart come from sweat shops. Of course I would love to be able to say I will not shop at Walmart again, but there are no alternatives that provide the pricing that is provided there.
I think however, it would be beneficial for the companies to have accountability for their overseas factories. I know this would inevitably drive up the prices of the ...view middle of the document...

So, in a way I have already begun to switch my shopping locations. True, I just can’t get away from Walmart, but I am trying to be more conscience of what I buy and I really try to do as much research as I can on a given company.
I have to mention that Walmart is not the only company that goes about getting their goods from overseas sweat shops though. I used Walmart because I personally shop at this retailer and I know employees who work at the location here in my town. The other store that my wife used to shop at was the GAP. Yes, the same location that was mentioned in the “Student’s Voice” from the textbook. My wife had found out from a friend that the location was using sweat shops to make her clothes. We were both very surprised to find out about this and we made the decision to not shop at that location anymore. Well, it turned out a lot of people here in my town stopped shopping at the local store and the location closed down.
I wish we could do the same with the Walmart location, but it’s not as easy as changing clothing stores. If the economy would not be in shambles and the prices of goods would lower to an acceptable rate, then my family and I would find an alternative location. Of course we would not have to do this if the companies began to listen to its consumers and they would actually make changes to their overseas locations. I would gladly pay an extra $5.00 for my jeans, knowing that little child hands did not create them.

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