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Bad Girl Essay

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Essay #2
Bad Girl

In the story, "Bad Girl," David Arnaon relates the story of a girl named Ellen who wants to be a famous singer. Her parents don't agree with that and they want her to stay near the town because they are afraid that she loses her religion. She is very decided to let nobody jeopardize her chances of achieving her dream, so she acts very badly with her parents to be able to run away. The author suggests to follow its dreams and to do everything it can be done to achieve it, regardless of obstacles a person may face. This can be seen through the characters, conflict and irony.
First of all, Ellen and Larry are two characters that strongly want to realise a dream. ...view middle of the document...

In one hand, Ellen wants to go at an University to study music in order to become a famous singer. It's her biggest dream and "She [she] was working part-time at the Co-op and saving up to go to university." (91) Furthermore, she doesn't say that she has a bank account with some money for her university to her parents because she knows that they will take out the money and her hopes to go university will go away. On the other hand, Ellen's parents want to be sure that Ellen will not lose her religion, so they want to force her to stay at the town and then, to work at the Co-op and to help on the farm. Truly, even if their daughter gets a scholarship, they just want her to go to Thorncrest Pentecostal Bible College to learn authority and discipline. (93) Obviously, they are not there for their daughter and they only accept what they think it's right. They never take in consideration Ellen's point of view about her dreams, goals and ambitions in life. Therefore, Ellen does all what she can do to succeed in achieving her goal even if she has to fight against her parents.
Finally, The author utilizes irony in his story to show that even if nobody believes in Ellen, she realizes her dream. Indeed, her parents and Larry just wanted her to stay in the town to be a little farmer with an unknown life because they do not believe...

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