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Is there a difference in germ killing when using antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer? When using hand sanitizer or antibacterial soap one is more likely to have a lower bacteria count than the other. Other factors contribute to the less bacteria count like the amount of time one washes their hands and the amount of soap one uses. If two groups were to wash their hands one with hand sanitizer and the other with antibacterial soap then the group who washed their hands with hand sanitizer should have a lower bacteria count.
In the laboratory located at Chaffey College, two groups were formed to prove that the hypothesis was correct. The first group would use antibacterial soap while the second group used hand sanitizer. Each group would wash their hands four different times, following the rules that were created. Before starting the procedure each group had to get a quad for each individual. Once each person in the ...view middle of the document...

As soon as the fifteen seconds had passed the hands were placed in the water and were rinsed for another fifteen seconds. After the limit of time had passed the hands should be dried only with two squares of paper towels for merely ten seconds. Once the first group finished washing their hands for the set amount of time the second group would follow the same exact procedure. But instead Group B would use the hand sanitizer.

Figure 1 shows that the bacteria count for both hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap varied throughout the hand washing. The hand sanitizer seemed to have only decreased at the third quad. The same outcome was for the antibacterial soap at quad three it was at its lowest bacterium count. Figure one shows that at quad two, where the group had done its first hand wash, both antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer were at its highest. Quad four shows that the antibacterial soap had the least amount of germ count then the hand sanitizer did. Figure 2 displays that antibacterial soap kept on lowing the count wash after wash while hand sanitizer increased. Quad two shows that hand sanitizer had its lowest count at 160% while antibacterial soap was at 287%. Hand sanitizer had the greatest average on the initial count on quad four with 1,967%.
The data that was collect during the experiment did not support the hypothesis, as seen in both figure 1 and figure 2 the hand sanitizer had the greatest amount of germ count than the antibacterial soap. Different factors could have affected the results of each of the germ count. There could have been contact with germs when handling the soap or reaching for the sink to open the water. One could also consider the fact that one usually does not wash their hands after using the hand sanitizer, because it is not required. The hand sanitizer also contains a large amount of water that could have probably been watered down by washing the hands with water. The chances of proving the hypothesis correct could have been higher if the group who used hand sanitizer simply did not wash their hands. The experiment proved the hypothesis incorrect by showing in the graphs that the groups who had used the antibacterial soap had the least amount of germs.

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