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Background Of The Study Essay

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Acceptability of CYB (Charcoal, Yellow Bell, Banana Peel) Shoe Polish
A Research

Presented to:
Mrs. Trichelita L. Pagtaconan

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement in:

Presented by:
Jennifer Maureen T. Caldito
Deniell M. Corpuz
Elaiza Claire V. Cruz
Jeanny Mae B. Magana
Rhoi Kenneth S. Manding
Aldrix Royce A. Tungpalan

Mariano Marcos State University
Laboratory High School
Laoag City


Background of the Study
It was in the 18th Century; an era of discoveries and creationism that had made developments for science and history. One of the developments include different kinds of application such as, shoe polish.
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As leather with high natural sheen became popular in the 18th century, a high glossy finish became important, particularly on shoes and boots, in most cases, a variety of homemade polishes were used to provide this finish, often with beeswax. In the modern ages, the very first shoe polish that was to resemble is Kiwi.
Kiwi was a major success. It preserved shoe leather, made it shine and maintained color. Its three main ingredients were in the form of chemicals including 4-Diethylaminoazobezene, heavy Naphtha and Carnauba wax.
One of its biggest rivalries was The Cobra Boot Polish. Cobra was noted for a series of cartoon advertisement in The Sydney Bulletin, starting in 1909, using a character called “Chunder Lao of Akim Foo”. Many people also had their own preferences at that time; some people choose to use/sell the ones that are commercially made, the ones that are being created through small or big factories and being created through different toxic/non-toxic ingredients. Some people choose to use/sell or to formulate their own and get their ingredients from nature, just like Vegetable oils, Olive Oils and even the Banana Peel. Banana peels are used as feedstock as they have some nutritional value. Banana peels are widely used for that purpose on small farms in regions where bananas are grown. There are some concerns over the impact of tannins contained in the peels on animals that consume them. Banana peels are used as feedstock for cattle, goats, pigs, poultry, rabbits, fish and several other species. Banana peels are also used for water purification, to produce ethanol, cellulase, laccase and in composting. It is not only used for feedstock and water purification but for shoe polishing as well. Bananas contain potassium, an ingredient commonly found in conventional shoe polish products, and the oil from the banana skin will absorb into the leather, resulting in shiny shoes that will last longer.

Statement of the Problem
The study aims to make a shoe polish out of charcoal, yellow bell and banana peel.
Specifically, the study aims to:
1) Determine whether the CYB Shoe Polish is acceptable in terms of:
a) Appearance
b) Color
c) Luster
d) Smell
e) Texture
2) Determine if the CYB Shoe Polish is as effective as the KIWI Shoe Polish in shining black shoes.
1) The CYB Shoe Polish is acceptable in terms of appearance, color, luster, smell and texture.
2) The CYB Shoe Polish is...

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