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Background Checks Essay

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This paper will define the topic definition and will indicate a couple of scenarios and cases that relate to this topic. It will indicate what goes into a background check and what the pros and cons are. I will inform my readers what I learned and the conclusion of my paper.

I just went in for an interview at a prestigious company that I have been dreaming of working at for many years and they said the job is mine if everything clears with my background check. Background check? As I walk out of the building I cannot help but wonder what they might find that may be detrimental to my opportunity to get this job. Questions start flying ...view middle of the document...

References are a great way to find information from past employers but background checks go in-depth than just the surface. Regardless of what type of work you are looking for or want to hire someone for a background check can help reveal little things like driving infractions to bigger things like criminal conduct.
A criminal record history check is one of the most common elements of an employment background check. In the U.S., for example, a criminal record history background check may include a search of county, state and federal court records for felony and misdemeanor records. The background check ordered also may include a search of sex offender registries or a state’s department of motor vehicles records.
(N.A., What is a background check)
Criminal history is one of the reasons why most people do not get hired regardless if they have cleaned up their act, have reliable references or letters of recommendations. Employers do not want to take the risk of an ex-criminal to represent their company. Although, this is wrong, but this is a regular practice that employers have taken on.
In extensive research I came across a list of companies on that hire felons and ex-convicts. These businesses give felons and ex-cons the chance to redeem themselves. In surveys, these employees are hardworking and very productive. Companies that give second chances should be commended for taking this risk and giving ex-cons and felons a fresh new beginning. If they are not given a second chance it is highly plausible that they will return back to their felony ways.

Cases on the subject
In a recent case, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, “suffered its second defeat of the year in litigation involving employer use of criminal and credit background checks for employment screening” (Korn, 2013). Maryland’s federal district court indicate that the EEOC’s accusations were unreliable and flawed; case ordered they needed more evidence to demonstrate disparate impact. Case: EEOC v. Freeman.
Katrina Vaughn was denied employment at Freeman due to her credit history and Vaughn then filed a discrimination charge. The case focused on the EEOC’s report of the disparate impact claims. A few days later Freeman argued that EEOC failed to present liable statistical evidence and did not show disparate impact. . Before the court announced their decision they indicated that “employers have a clear incentive to avoid hiring employees who have a proven tendency to defraud or steal from their employers, engage in workplace violence, or who otherwise appear to be untrustworthy and unreliable,” (Korn, 2013). The court dismissed the case as the expert analysis was completely flawed
This case clearly shows that something small as bad credit can affect an employment position, but it seems dicey because bad credit cannot just be the sole reason to deny her the position; that is why Vaughn filed a discrimination charge. EEOC could not gather up...

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