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Back To School Essay

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Essay about President Barack Obama’s speech “Back to school”

Education is enormously important. The wish of having a good education system and people who freely use it is not something that only a few countries want or wish, but almost the whole world takes aim at this. The focus on education has particularly in the United States big mentions and support. The current Government, which are sitting on the power right now, has this area high on their list of upcoming plans for the future of the US. President Barack Obama has therefore also this topic involved in most of his performances and in most of the speeches he makes. Therefor, it’s definitely an option for the President to talk about ...view middle of the document...

Not only the President himself, but also the whole Government behind him support this whole attitude about education between citizens. To all of this can be done Barack Obama says that especially the young people have to take some responsibility. The young generation must be prepared to learn as much as possible and keep up with their school.
Barack Obama is known to be able to disseminate his speeches and his speech properties. However, we therefore feel that he views on this case is very strong. We clearly get the feeling that this is something he really means. At one point he mentions his own education experience. He explains how his mother trained and teached him at home even when Obama didn’t wanted to. He uses this reflection back in time to tell his audience, that even though himself as a child didn’t enjoyed teaching lessons he now know how important it really was for his more extensive life. Barack Obama has a whole different way to construct his speeches. The composition of this speech is therefor very simple and not difficult to...

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