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Back to Basics: Preventing Surgical Site Infections
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Back to Basics: Preventing Surgical Site Infections
When going into a hospital for surgery, people do not think about the chances of becoming more ill due to a surgical site infection. People generally worry about the surgery itself and trust the fact that the staff performing the surgery and the staff caring for the surgical site are well trained to do so. Most people do not know what takes place to ensure the safety of the patients and the training that the staff must go through to prevent surgical site infections. With patient safety being a major concern in healthcare settings, we are looking at surgical site infections; what they are and how to help prevent them.
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She also goes into detail about tips and tricks the hospitals staff can take to prevent the infections and the benefits of them, not only to the hospital but also the patients.

Personal Perspective
If everyone on the staff commits to staying current on the latest evidence-based research and following safety protocols, SSI’s can be eliminated. Patients going into surgery already have enough to worry about in my personal opinion; getting a SSI while in the care of the hospital staff should not be something else they need to worry about. Patient care and safety initiatives and helped healthcare facilities reduce costs and helped maintain patient satisfaction and healing. Through continued evidence-based practice, nursing can go further and hopefully one day eliminate hospital acquired infections.
Many hours of training and research goes into preventing SSI’s; not only is a SSI painful and stressful for a patient, it is also preventable and very stressful for the facility. It can cost a facility excessive amounts of money, causing undo stresses on the administrators. Staff taking care of postoperative patients need to all do their part in preventing SSI’s; that includes staying current on all safety updates and recommended safety protocols.

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