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Bachelor In Hotel Management Essay

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In my previous role as Food & Beverage manager & Hotel Duty Manager at many five star resort in many parts of the world including Mauritius , Uk , Israel ,Maldives, Cook island and New Zealand ..

Senior executive role with years of hospitality leadership experiences including :

• Hotel Duty Manager which include Front office, Reservation ,housekeeping and all other department of the hotel.
• Food and Beverage Manager
• Restaurant Manager
• Café Manager
• Chef Manager
• Conference and Banqueting operation
• Bar Manager, Head Bartender and Somellier.
• Event Management
• Barista
• Sales consultant ( Sales industry )
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That is, there is something the employee is doing or not doing that is having a significant impact on results. Or, in the case of a behavioral or values issue, it’s having a significant impact on the results on others and the hotel reputation, etc….

2. Avoiding.
I am also taking action on something the employee is doing or not doing, but because of a lack of courage, skill, awareness, or whatever, is not doing anything about it.

3. Where I have proved my performance during my vacation and absence from work.

This is where my team is just humming along, with no performance problems, so there’s no need to take action. It’s probably because I have done such a good job in hiring, communicating performance goals and expectations, being a role model, giving regular feedback and coaching, and developing employees.

4. Nagging –I have been experiencing during my management career.
This is where I am riding herd on an employee for some little thing that really doesn’t matter. While the issue may be a personal for me, there’s no clear connection to the employee’s performance problems and work habits .
5. Most staff never maintain their energy level.
Get a good night’s sleep, avoid too much alcohol, and maintain your exercise routine while there is big function for the hotel .

6. Must listen for understanding, not to judge.
In other words, keep an open mind. Believe me, this is way easier said than done. We are naturally conditioned to evaluate, judge, accept what already fits into our worldview, and reject what does not. Successful managers are especially prone to this. Force yourself to suspend this tendency, and listen for possibilities

Here are the most common actual excuses I have experienced and heard from staff and bad management during my hotel management career to justify their behavior. Some of them may even sound like good reasons but at the end of the day, they are still just excuses.

Example :

1. “I was hired and promoted to drive change – it should be understood and accepted that not everyone’s going to be a happy ”.
No, no, you were hired and promoted to lead change .

2. We have the worst hotel manager with different processes and policies! My hands are tied; I’m almost...

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