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Baby Media Essay

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DeLynn Downam
Professor Tiffany Grovenstein
Developmental Psychology 241
February 25, 2016

Are there cognitive benefits for young children in watching baby media?
We live in the period when TV, online videos are used for many different purposes. Various video programs can provide educational purposes, accelerating and facilitating the processes of learning, different movies and TV shows can perform the function of entertainment. And although some video-reportages, films can carry the aggression, violence, etc. in general TV media themselves are not something positive or negative. Whether TV brings benefits or harm to the individual, as I believe, depends more on how the ...view middle of the document...

Parents also must understand how media can influence their children.

Summary of article №1
DeLoache et al. indicate that many modern parents tend to overestimate the significance of baby visual media`s influence on children`s development. Authors give the example of the mother who wrote on one WebSite, that her 18-months-old child`s vocabulary began to increase after the child was exposed to watching one company`s media program for children. However, authors of the article emphasize, that, probably, increasing of the child`s vocabulary occurred due to natural processes rather than due to watching baby media (DeLoache, Chiong, Sherman, Islam, Vanderborght, Troseth... & O’Doherty, 2010).
So like this mother who misattributed her child`s linguistic advance to video watching, many parents tend to have misconceptions about the influence of baby media on child`s development.
DeLoache et al. conducted the study aimed to examine how visual media influences development of language skills of children who are younger than two years old. The age of the study`s participants was between 12 and 18 months. The number of participants of the experiment was 72 (DeLoache, Chiong, Sherman, Islam, Vanderborght, Troseth... & O’Doherty, 2010).
All the children were divided into four groups. The first group of children watched baby video program (selected specifically for the experiment) with their parents for 4 weeks, at least, five times per week. Parents watched the video together with their children and were encouraged to communicate with children at the time of watching a video.
The second group watched the same video over the same length of time. However, the second group of children watched the video alone. Parents could be in the room, but did not interact with a child, as one watched the video.
In the third group, the experimenters offered parents special instructions, following which parents had to teach their children on their own, without the use of video. At the same time, parents could teach their children as they would in their natural manner.
The fourth group was the control group. This group was created to recognize which changes over the 4 experimental weeks occurred regardless of the interventions, and what changes have occurred due to video and parents` teaching.
Researchers tested children`s knowledge of words at the first meeting and at the end of 4 experimental weeks. Only the results in the third group, where parents have taught their children, have reached a level above chance. Those children who have not watched the video, but who have been exposed teaching by parents, showed the best results in learning new words for 4 weeks. The results of children, who were exposed to watching an educational video together with parents or without parents, did not significantly differ from the results of children in the control group (DeLoache, Chiong, Sherman, Islam, Vanderborght, Troseth... & O’Doherty, 2010).
In addition, the...

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