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Baby Fold Factors For Job Analysis

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Factors of The Baby Fold
Knowledge Factors
1. Education
2. Experience
3. Currency of knowledge needed
4. Certification/Licenses required
Technical Requirements (general)
5. Number of people supervised – refers to the direct reporting relationship required for the job. This factor is viewed as modereatley important resulting in a 30 point differential.
* 10pts - No supervision. Works alone.
* 40pts - Supervises under 5 employees
* 70pts - Supervises 5 to 15 employees
* 100pts - Supervises over 15 employees

6. HRM functions performed – This is relative to direct reports. This factor is considered ...view middle of the document...

This factor is viewed as somewhat important resulting in a differential of 30 points.
* 10pts - No specific qualifications for this job
* 40pts - Must practice within the legal confinements of the industry
* 70pts - Only monitors the organization in making sure everything is under legal compliance.
* 100pts - Monitors organization for legal compliance AND insuring employees are working.

8. Communications skills – This factor refers to the type of interaction most generally required in the position. The factor is viewed as somewhat important.
* 10pts - no to little is necessary for this job
* 50pts - Supply information to subordinate and to other necessary employees
* 90pts - Required to work through other

Technical Requirements (decision making)
9. Potential Impact of decisions of the organization – This factor is also considered somewhat important
* 10pts - Nominal impact
* 50pts - Some to moderate impact
* 90pts - Significant impact
Technical Requirements (interactions)
10. Exteranl contacts
11. Internal contacts confidentiality
Other Factors
12. Physical demands
a. Lifting
b. Pushing
c. Pulling
d. Reaching
e. Long periods of standing
f. Long periods of sitting
13. Centrality of job
14. Technological/Equipment requirements
g. Non-computer related office equipment
h. PC
i. Printer
j. Fax
k. Vehicles

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