Babies Reaction Paper

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Nigora Raufova
Psych 150

“Babies” Reaction Paper

The film is showing four beautiful babies: Ponijao from Namibia, Mari from Tokyo,
Bayar from Mongolia and Hattie from San Francisco. All four babies are surrounded by different macrosystems but display similar developmental patterns regardless of their upbringing. All these children still must go through the same developmental milestones. In the first year of life babies undergo dramatic changes, many of these are observed in this film. All four babies are living in their own microsystems, each very different from one another. Ponijao has a big family consisting of several siblings, Bayar lives with his parents and a brother, and Mari and Hattie are the only children for their parents, which is a typical situation in developed ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand Ponijao was happy to play with sticks, stones beads and a plastic bottle. I saw Bayar unrolling toilet paper and feeling very happy when he finally got to its base, which he immediately put in his mouth (Oral Stage of Sigmund Freud’s Theory). Watching these babies playing with whatever they were considering a toy-sticks, CDs or toilet paper roll, we can identify some developmental achievements such as secondary circular reactions, fine motor skills, reaching and grasping, eye-hand coordination. When Bayar finally unrolled the toilet paper he seemed to be very pleased while Mari throws a tantrum when she fails to put the ring inside the spindle. These are obvious signs of emotional development.
Language development of these babies is also shown in the film. From cooing and babbling in early infancy to saying simple words when close to toddlerhood.
Bayar was enjoying himself repeating the word “Ma-ma”, Ponijao was even mimicking her mom’s tone of voice while repeating simple words such as “Da-da” and “Yea”, Hattie learned in which cases to say the word “No”.
There was a sign of the phallic stage from Sigmund Freud’s Psychosexual Theory when Ponijao was showing interest in another child’s genitals. According to Freud the phallic stage develops when the child turns there years old, perhaps that is a little too early for Ponijao.
Some examples of imitation occurred in film: Ponijao was imitating a dog by sticking her tongue out and probably imitating her mom by trying to walk gracefully with a can on her head.
All of these babies are growing up in different environments; their parents have their own parenting styles but they all are securely attached to their caregivers and all are developing in similar ways. When they turned twelve months, all babies were displaying similar skills and have all reached particular age appropriate developmental milestones.

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