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Ba 364 Walmart Case 1 Essay

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The Main Street Merchant of Doom
In small towns there was a time when rural communities were highly subject to price fixing and price gouging from the local merchants. There was really a no competition and the local merchants priced their items however they wanted to and charged their customers very high for their products. Samuel Moore Walton helped fixing this problem by creating is own brands stores in this small rural towns. Sam Walton originally wanted to go in to these small rural towns that had like about ten thousand people or less and put in his brand name stores so that they could go his store rather then being charged exclusively high by their local merchants.
Samuel Moore Walton was born on Match 29, 1918 in Kansas. He began his college career in 1936 at University of Missouri and graduated with a degree in business ...view middle of the document...

Now everywhere we go we see Walmart
By the time 1981, Walmart had become America’s largest retailer store. With $191 billion in sales Walmart had become the worlds largest retailer. The company had about 3,500 facilities in the United State and more then 1,000 stores throughout nine other countries. When Sam states, “ He felt that when a customer entered Walmart in any part of country, he or she should feel at home.’’ He called this as the “Walmart way.” I think this statement tells you that Walmart wanted to give an outstanding customer service and because of that it was so successful. He also had something called “Ten-Foot Rule” where if any associate sees any customer with in the ten feet they range they will ask if the that customer needs any assistant.
In 1984, Sam Walton talked to Arkansas governor Bill Clinton about the “ Buy America” plan. He learned that buying chapter foreign goods was harming American jobs. Basically what this plan supported was that they would let American based manufacturers do business with them so they would not go out of business. His main goal was to give manufacturers large contracts so they can stay in business. . Walmart was highly successful and ethically sound. Most of the population did not quiet liked Walmart. Either people liked or not Walmart kept growing anyways. To change their image in positive reaction Walmart donated sum of the money to the local communities.
My whole view on this case study is very turning. Personally I do not like Wal-Mart because the way they treat the employees and customers now. In the opening of this case you can see that Samuel Walton wanted Wal-Mart to reach very high with great customer service and provide merchandise with low price as possible and did reach their goal. We can see that as years passed by Wal-Mart was the top store. They wanted their stores to be at every possible place that they could. In one way Wal-Mart helps community but in other hand it took away all the small business where most of business did not like Walmart.

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