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B2 B Solutions Essay

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Our last blog looked at the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers, so this month we are doing our best to help you overcome those hurdles. The below list relates to the issues we highlighted in our last blog, available here.

Sticking to a strategy

It’s not always easy with a multitude of opinions within an organisation, or for the entrepreneurs among us with a new brilliant direction every week. But, it is important that all forces within an organisation are working towards a common goal. To help your business stick to a strategy:

Include as many stakeholders as possible in agreeing a strategy in the first place
Incorporate contingency plans and think about the “what ifs”
Use small achievable goals as a frequent progress report
Marketing and Sales Alignment

There is no reason why marketing and sales can’t be friends. Mutually establishing a well thought out lead scoring system will reduce the level of disagreement about the definition of a lead. ...view middle of the document...

Consequently, optimising your website to act as a sales tool becomes increasingly valuable. Capturing details through gated content is a great way of making sure you have the opportunity to have a more personalised interaction with prospects.

Messaging consistency

Maintaining consistent messaging is important for building a successful brand. The proliferation of customer and prospect communication platforms means there are more opportunities to develop your brand message…or leave your prospects confused with contradictory messaging. This all comes down to having a defined strategy and clear brand messages that employees within the organisation are able to understand and articulate.

Managing data

CRM is vital for delivering targeted and therefore relevant communications, customers and prospects. Failing to maintain an up-to-date CRM and use data effectively can result in disengaged potential buyers. Here are some ways of ensuring you are successfully using your CRM data to communicate with your clients and prospects:

Regularly checking contact details; performing a data quality audit is a good way of doing this.
Collecting and storing purchase and enquiry information in a single record; this helps you deliver relevant content based on actual behaviour.
Follow up on email bounce backs and monitor opens and clicks to ensure your email communications are being received and are of value to your audience.
Convincing the influencers

There are usually multiple stakeholders involved in any B2B purchase decision. We need to get all of them on board. The content you provide a CMO for example, is not the same information the CFO needs to see. Make sure you are able to deliver content to each stakeholder based on their needs.

Proving ROI

Not always the easiest task, but a necessary one! Benchmarking and on-going monitoring are essential to prove the effectiveness of marketing activities. From a content marketing point of view, we do this through monitoring social channels through HootSuite, using landing pages and Google analytics to track campaign engagement and website activity, and using an email platform to keep track of open rates and clicks for outbound activities.

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