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For this group report, our 5 team members have interviewed 5 Business to Business(B2B) companies respectively. Through the gathering and analysis of the information provided by these companies (might not be complete due to trade secrecy), we will be covering on 3 topics : Supply Chains and Marketing Channels, Strategy and Value Proposition and lastly, Marketing activities using the Business Marketing Mix. We will be comparing the 5 companies based on the above topics, discussing their similarity and differences and derive our analysis in the following report. The 5 companies are as follows:

1. i-Qlick Marketing Co. Ltd. is a authorized agent for all Canon products such ...view middle of the document...


Glow Marketing Pte Ltd

Richland Logistics Services Pte Ltd

Taskcon Enterprise Pte Ltd

Gilead Sciences Singapore Pte Ltd

Supply Chain & Channels' Complexity


Product Offering

-Canon Products

- After-sales service

- Marketing consultancy

- Under-one-roof Campaign creation

- Logistic solutions
IT services and solutions
- Medical drugs

- Research


Resonating Focus

Resonating focus
Resonating Focus

Resonating Focus

Resonating Focus

Product/ Market Decision

Market penetration

Product Development
Market penetration

Market penetration

Market penetration

Product Lifecycle



Marketing Efforts
Networking relationship
Supply Chain Management

i-Qlick Marketing Co. Ltd
- Direct Marketing
-Trade shows
- Promotions

- Minimized conflicts
- Canon brand representative
- Aims to sustain long term relationship
- Being a distributor, aims to reduce excess stock

Glow Marketing Pte Ltd
Word of Mouth (WOM),
Personal Selling
-Good communication between staff and customers, via face-to-face meetings
- Works towards improving supply chain efficiency, as they deal directly with...

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