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5 pounds, was made up of Aluminum body that makes it light weight. Due to light weight, it functions efficiently at lower pressure levels. This product is highly durable as there are fewer working parts than traditional models. Oil change is not required frequently and it saves money as well as time. This product has a life span of 6 years which is highest in the market and it’s whole sale price is $400 and retail price $500.

Non-Quantifiable highlights of Kunst 1600

It eliminates water droplets than could freeze into ice crystals. The accumulation of ice retards the flow of refrigerants, ultimately slowing and stopping the cooling process. Moisture over time combines with refrigerants to form hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids, which corrode copper coils, valves and motors. The vacuuming supposed to vaporize these acids by in traditional vacuum pump, system oil traps the acids. And while changing the oil the technician removes it. Kunst 1600 being oil free, the acids vapors are directly exhausted into the air.

Marketing Study & Results

Points of Parity and Differentiation, after extensive study, we established the product points of parity to be the Kunst 1600’s size, weight, and performance (CFM). With regards to wholesalers, our company stability, product quality, and equivalent technical services are on par with competitors. Points of differentiation with competitors are longevity, increased durability (due to less moving parts and a solid aluminum frame), oil-free use, increased profit due to decreased pump time, the ability to detect leaks (the most common cause of refrigeration system failure), and greatly increased savings, for a total value in use of almost $1000 (Exhibit 4). Direct benefits to the wholesalers are increased profits relative to selling competitors’ products ($100 in profit if the Kunst 1600 is sold at MSRP).

Customer Value Model

Home Air-condition Segments

• Reduce $30/ hr labor charge

• Reduce overall time taken/ job

• Reducing weight of the pump so it can be moved around easily.

Home Refrigerator Segment

• Reduction of job time taken to increase job per week form current number 5.


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